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Interview: Zain Imran

When did your fitness journey begin? Tell us a little more about your involvement in the industry. 

My fitness journey began after high school. I have been in many magazine in the fitness industry, I have been a sponsored athlete for the past few years now.

In your opinion who are the best role models in the fitness industry?

I have always looked up to Arnold and Frank Zane. I think the fitness world has gotten way too much these days but I think Steve Cook is very good as a role model. 

Chocolate or vanilla?


When was the last time you were nervous? 

Every time I do an acting audition!

What's your favorite 90s jam? 

LL Cool J and Kriss Kross 

Who would win in a fight between Spiderman and Batman? 

Spiderman. He has more actual powers than Batman.

If you had to choose to live without one of your five senses, which one would you give up? 

I think I could live without my sense of smell. 

How would your best friends describe you? 

Humble, hardworking, motivated, dedicated, goal achiever, gentleman.

If you could make a change to the bodybuilding industry what would it be? 

To bring physique back to old school. To have magazines give a chance to new models who work hard and not just have one look on front covers.

Outside of bodybuilding what other goals or dreams do you have? 

I am an acting graduate and in my second year in software engineering but I'm pursuing my acting career in Bollywood. I have some great opportunities as some production companies are interested in seeing me. I also want to start my own fitness business soon.