Established 2015
- 6 years in business

We started in 2015 and since then our customers have been world champions, models, athletes, para-athletes, UFC fighters, NFL player, Actors and more.

Here’s our story...


SWOLE O’Clock - Strength Will Overcome Limitations Everytime. Our original name.

At the time we launched- the meaning of swole was; powerful, strong, big. Swole was a niche brand with one vision: A watch big bold and strong enough for bodybuilders. Built like a tank.

We quickly became the definitive watch of the industry.


The first couple years was all about improving. We started with version 1.0 and developed new editions multiple times a year until we hit SWOLE 5.0. Each year was filled with many upgrades to design, material, packaging, unboxing experience and more. By 2019 We were at the top of our game

Here are some of the highlights.

S-Force S-Force S-Force S-Force

We worked hard to earn respect and look after all our customers. Through our relationships and reputation we reached the very top of Bodybuilding.

One of the greatest achievements of our brand. Till this day we are honored and grateful.

We had HUGE success but...
our brand needed to change.

We hit a point where the name SWOLE had Shifted meaning in popular culture and we had to adapt.


It was getting harder and harder to work with people. Women particularly didn’t want to wear a watch that said ‘Swole’ and a lot of UFC fighters we were networking with Loved our designs and quality but couldn’t bring themselves with the SWOLE branding. It was time for a change.

S-FORCE was born

The goal of the brand shift was to remain true to our roots but open the market for different customers.

We worked with the world champions and stars

S-force is Strength. There’s one thing in common with everyone who wears an S-force watch. It’s strength. Not physical strength - much more than that.

We know you can tell better time with a phone - the point of wearing an S-force is to be part of a group of extraordinary people who know what it takes to reach the top.

Strength Overcomes.