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Interview: Jorge Gonzalez

When did your fitness journey begin? Tell us a little more about your involvement in the industry. 

Started lifting at age of 13, started bodybuilding at the age of 22.

In your opinion who are the best role models in the fitness industry?

Ronnie Coleman, he set the standard of hard work and dedication! [Ed: Good thing he's on the SWOLE team then huh!?]

What is your all time favourite movie and why? 

Favorite movie has to be "Apocalypto", a true underdog movie.

Would you rather swim in a pool or the ocean? 

Pool, haven't visited to many nice ocean fronts. Corpus Christi is the closest to me and its dirty as could be :(

Ultimate cheat day meal? 

A good bowl of spaghetti. 

What sound do you love?

I have to say rain is one of my favourite sounds. So calming. 

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? 

Go further south Texas and relay on family farming and hunting skills.

What are your pet hates about etiquette at the gym?

It would have to be people not racking weights and not washing their hands! 

What are some myths about bodybuilding that you would like to break down?

It's as much as a team sport as it is a "selfish" sport.

Whats goals or dreams do you have?

Being Mr.Olympia and owning my own clothing company one day.