Small Town Girl Dreams. The Feather Hadden Story

Sean Burton |
"Take off your mask and put your heart out there."
Once upon a time, a little girl from Iowa decided she needed a change in her life. Once she turned 18, she hopped on a bus headed to L.A. with dreams of becoming the star she always knew she would be.
Then she jumped off the bus
She found herself in a random town in the desert with a few dollars in her pocket, the clothes on her back and a heart open to the universe for whatever it will bring her way. Feather Hadden began her journey into womanhood with both feet on the grounds of a casino that she ended up working in. From that point till now, her life has been an adventure. She know has more wisdom and is going to hit us with some knowledge.

Never look back once you go

Once Feather left Iowa, she never looked back. The past is just a mirage. Something we believe it was but it's irrelevant. Move forward, there's more room for growth there.

Focus on the now

What is now is the most important time because the past is gone and the future isn't guaranteed. What you do now makes your tomorrow potential that much greater.

Life is going to throw you curve balls

The two of the biggest curves life has thrown at me were me almost losing my leg and, after keeping my leg, giving a girl brain damage during a professional fight in my kickboxing career. Both times, I wanted to give up. Both times, I refused to. This is just part of the process that is life. You have to take the good with the bad.

Take off your mask

Far too many of us wear masks. We're all beautiful and capable human beings and, for some reason, we'd rather wear that mask of someone else because he think that's why others want to see. Forget that. Take off your mask. Show the world how amazing and beautiful the real you is.

Listen to the universe

The universe is always talking to you and giving you signs. You can't ignore them. Feather went from a small town girl in Iowa, to a casino in Nevada, a rock climbing extremist, A bodybuilding competitor, and now a 23-1 champion MMA fighter for the LFC. Yes, it's good to have a plan but sometimes we're destined for something greater than our plans.


In her own words, I'll leave you with this



"Put yourself out there and don't be afraid to show the world who you are. Let go of the past and take off your mask". - Feather " The Hammer " Hadden





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