Pickin' Up Good Vibrations

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It's early.

The clock just struck five o'clock in the morning and the alarm pierces your ears with such a sting you'd think it was a near death experience. You weren't ready for it; but then again, you never really are.

Pulling yourself out of bed while debating if it's even worth getting up in the morning for, you sip your coffee and begin to pre-visualize your day and how amazing it's going to be and how much you're going to be accomplished today.

Then, you wake up…

Let's be honest, five o'clock workouts aren't for everyone. Kudos to those who can make it there. I believe, more likely, the busy individual tries to cram in their workouts during peak season at your local mega gym location just like every other hard working individual. 

As if that's not bad enough, you look down at your iPod, iPhone or whatever you use to listen to music and you are the least bit impressed with the playlist.

Your music has gone stale and, when your tunes go, your workout goes. You might as well be working out without headphones (Perish the thought).


Science and Stuff

Thought the scientific aspect of why music plays such a huge part when it comes to the influence and motivation to progress is abundant, I believe we gather the most information from the most simple of experiences.

Just like your body responds to different stimuli, your brain does the same. Pair that with the emotional evocation that music brings to that stimuli and your drive turns into a stick of dynamite ready to explode at the simple tap of the Play button.

Though we aren't awarded massive explosions, fireworks, 80's montage theme music and bright lights; Our hair beings to stand at attention, electricity shoots through our entire body and a sense of euphoria fills us to the point of purity.

NOW, and only now, are we ready to destroy our barriers and own the day.

Through this new stimulation, we reopen neural pathways in our brain that bring a sense of "fresh" to our ears and drive, which is why we wear the hell out of a new song because of this feeling. You know what I'm talking about.

You just added a few new songs to your playlist that you heard on some form of media and you keep playing it over and over and over again during a workout. Then, like clockwork, the emotional stimulation is gone and it's just words and tunes mixed together in a rhythmic melody.


Good Vibes for Good Times

Let's be real, music is life. Without music, life would be bland, emotionless and more boring than middle school math class. Why not use this to our advantage? Let's take a look how we can utilize this to really get the fires burning and own the day.


  1. Start Right to Get Right. Start each and every morning with music. Find something that fits your morning mojo. If you need something soothing, soft and classical; find yourself a beautiful cello concerto (my personal favorite) to get your creative and inspirational juices flowing like the coffee you're pouring. If you need something hard, energetic and solid; don't shy away from getting your rock on and shredding air guitar in the shower. Whatever you need to hear to start right, hear it.
  1. Use Online Media. I'm a HUGE fan of surfing YouTube for anything and everything new that I haven't heard yet. They have a huge selection of mixes that are already made for any situation. Whether it's for your workout, studying, writing, relaxing or working. And, for the most part, it's free and the artists WANT you to hear them. It's a win/win.

  2. Keep It Fresh. As previously stated, you're going to wear any new piece of music out chasing those feels. While doing so, keep your metaphorical pipeline full of new tunes to keep the inspiration coming, the motivation high and the fire burning. I'll refer to an interesting quote,

People say motivation doesn't last. Well, neither does bathing, Which is why we recommend it daily. - Zig Ziglar.


To Sum it Up: 

⦁ Your music is going to eventually be lame, so always keep it fresh with new material.

⦁ Music is life and it is meant to be experienced with every aspect of one's life. Use it.

⦁ YouTube is awesome.

⦁ ALWAYS keep a spare pair of headphones in your gym bag or in your car.


Article by Sean Burton


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