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Let There Be Light! Swiss Super-LumiNova In Our New Watches

Tommy Tal |

We're thrilled to announce that our new VIP, VIP AV8R, VIP SEA, Carbon and Limited editions collections will all come with a Swiss SuperLuminova lume- the best afterglow in the Industry!

Always looking for ways to improve our watches, an upgraded lume seemed like the natural progression. We went with the best of the best; Swiss Super-LumiNova. The same lume that's used by the top Swiss watchmakers in their luxury timepieces.

The afterglow of the new watches is awe inspiring. So what is it and how does it work?

Originally, watch lumes were made from radium and were highly radioactive. This was particularly problematic for workers hired to apply it to watches and gauges.
Modern solutions are much safer to use. The two popular types of watch lume nowadays are Tritium (radioactive but safe to use) and Swiss Super-LumiNova, which is completely non-radioactive, non-toxic and based on a formula consisting of strontium aluminate.

We chose to put Swiss Super-LumiNova in our watches. The pigments are all 100% Swiss made. Not only is it not radioactive, itís highly temperature resistant and resistant to environmental influences.

How does it work?

Swiss Super-Luminova works like a light storage battery, where light charges the battery and afterwards the light is continuously emitted. Sunlight or artificial light will do the trick.

When light energy hits the material, the electrons get excited and begin to energize rapidly, creating a phosphorescent glow.

The activation and subsequent light emission process can be repeated again and again, the material does not suffer any degradation or aging.
We’re using light bluish pigments on the watch’s dial and bezel, this is what it looks like!

* Please Note- Our original collection watches DO NOT come with Swiss Super-Luminova, but with a standard Japanese made green lume.


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