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First Cases Are Ready!

Tommy Tal |

Hey guys, here's a short production update- the first case + bezel samples are ready!

It feels great seeing those 3d renders transforming into solid steel. They just look so much better in our hands.

Silver, rose gold, yellow gold, two-tone and titanium. We got 'em all!

To guarantee an even better corrosion and wear resistance, we've upgraded all our steel cases from 304L to 316L.

We're also very pleased with our first ceramic inlay bezels (VIP SEA, VIP AV8R)- they look awesome! We'll give more details on those unique bezel inserts in a separate blog entry.

We're making only 400 1st Editions of each model. These are being shipped in two batches.
As some of you already know, the first batch that shipped on October 25th, sold out in just 23 hours!! What an amazing response from you guys!
The second batch, to be shipped November 10th, is selling super fast!

It's still not too late, you can get your favorite 1st Edition S-Force here:


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