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Do You Have What It Takes To Be Legendary? The Ric Drasin Story.

Sean Burton |


I believe everyone cannot be success, but everyone is capable of being successful. All it takes is the will to succeed. However, there are many levels of success. What would it take to achieve a level of success that is ...Legendary?

Ric “The Equalizer” Drasin is a former champion bodybuilder and professional wrestler from the golden era who sat down with us at Swole O'Clock to give us an idea on how to get on Ric's level. How he did it and what it takes to get to the level of legend that is Ric Drasin.

  • Do What You Want

Ric left his hometown after his father passed away. He swiftly claims that,

” If I hadn’t left home, I wouldn’t have amounted to anything. I knew that at 18 and I’m very glad I did. I have no regrets either. I’ve done everything I wanted to do and I do what I want.”

We all know someone who knew what they wanted to go for, do or try and never did. Why? Out of the fear of the unknown. Ric is a top notch example of what happens when you ignore that fear of nothing.

  • Put In The Work

Ric Drasin also owns a wrestling school in California and, since the doors opened, his phone has been ringing off the hook by children with WWE dreams in their heart.

“These kids think just because they have some tights, some music and wrestled once in their mom’s backyard, they can just set in a real ring and make it to the big show. They have no clue how much work it takes to make it and I just tell them off the bat to let that dream go and go for something else. Just like the “actors” I run into in California who don’t work. But they call themselves “actors”. I don’t get it.”

  • Always Treat People Nicely

One thing Ric has said, and has always said, is to always treat people kindly.

“I get recognized a lot around California and wherever else I go. I always make it a point to say Hi, shake hands, take photos with fans and sign autographs. I never treat a fan like they’re a burden.

I see these guys in the gym, body builders, actors, athletes, etc. and they look so inconvenienced when a fan approaches them and asks for a picture or an autograph. It really bugs me because they just want your time. I don’t get it. I’ve always treated people kindly and I have never been treated bad in return.”

Drasin expounds on the mental toughness, heart and dedication required to truly excel in this art, as well as the applicableness of a bodybuilder’s mentality to parenting and other aspects of life.


Even at 71, Ric still stays in excellent shape and trains seven days a week., and regularly contributes to The Huffington Post. He is still accustomed to beating the odds, as he recently survived pneumonia and congestive heart failure and quickly recovered.

Ric is an icon and a motivator to all of his followers in life and on his show. He inspires people to gain self-confidence and move forward. I believe we can all use more of this in the world.



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