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Do You Dare To Steal Fire From The Gods?

Aliz AJ |

A special story about the Ancient Greek Gods.

Do you dare put everything on the line for the greatest treasures all of time?

Do you DARE go beyond your mere mortal capacity for a taste of immortality?

Or do you simply and subtly accept your man made limitations as truth?

Bravely falls short on the list of virtues. In fact, bravery was the last thing that was needed to accomplish such a brilliant task.

Prometheus possessed a great intelligence and a grasp of the bigger picture as he not only fooled the goddesses of Mount Olympus, but the king of Olympus himself


  • Plan
  • Risk
  • Sacrifice
  • Rewards

Those were the only thing on the Titans mind when he did what no man, or immortal, had done before.

Basically, for you younger readers out there, he looked at the camera and said,

“Hi I’m Prometheus. Welcome to jackass!”


An Apple a Day

The story goes the Titan had grown a love for mankind and, at the same time, despised the hierarchy of the gods. He sought to bring mankind on a hire level but how?

How do we rise to the next level?

By doing what has NEVER been done before.

Prometheus, crafty and knowing the narcissism the goddesses possessed, tossed an apple into their courtyards with a simple inscription,

“To the most beautiful goddess of all “

As egos clash and clamour into a frenzy of confusion, the accomplished Prometheus sneaks his way into the God of Fire’s workshop, Hephaestus, and with a great haste, snatches the fire from him and hides it in a hollow pumpkin.

Calm as a coma, and without a hint of fear, he walks out with the most possessive possession of Zeus, himself.

Enraged was Zeus as he learned what had happened. This was the last time he would be defied by another.

So he sought his revenge in the most horrid, yet creative, way possible.

A lifetime torment that would send a shock down your body as if Zeus, himself, slapped you with a lightening bolt.


Regrets? I’ve had a few

It wasn’t long until the crafty Prometheus was discovered and brought to punishment for this crime against the gods. Zeus had set to make an example of him and to remind him what happens when you defy the King of Olympus.

Zeus ordered the God of Fire, Hephaestus, to chain Prometheus to a mountain and for his liver to be eaten out of his body by an eagle for the rest of time.

As Prometheus was a titan, an immortal, this meant a punishment till the end of time.

I’m sure we can all agree Prometheus, as his liver was being taken from him over and over again, thought that this was not a very good idea.

But what risk doesn’t come with a reward?

What grand reward isn’t worth some risk or danger?

Even as he suffered, mankind flourished with this new god given gift. They paid homage to Prometheus. They honored him like a King.

And as life goes, your time to reap all that you’ve sewn comes as great things do not become “great” overnight.


Hey, don’t I know you from somewhere?

Hercules, the demigod, the son of Zeus was on a mission to perform the twelve labors as he, ironically, stumbles upon Prometheus, still chained to a mountain. Dwelling in a weakened state was the titan as the son of Zeus came upon him to see what was going on.

A quick decision and a notion of good deed, Hercules slays the eagle feasting upon Prometheus and then breaks his chains and frees the titan from the fate his father gave him.

I’m sure Prometheus appreciates the fact that cell phones didn’t exist back then.

As Zeus learns of this, his boiling anger came swiftly. Yet, as quickly as it rose, it was met with acceptance as he agrees to free Prometheus for good.

However, Prometheus is ordered to wear a ring from that very chain that burdened his freedom for the rest of his time.

A reminder to NEVER EVER do that again.

I’m sure the mental scars would be sufficed just as well as any reminder, seriously.

To this day, we wear rings for many different reasons. Mythology states, mankind heard of Prometheus being freed from his torment. In light of his sacrifice, everyone wore a ring in his honor to commemorate the deed he had done for the betterment of mankind.

So, I ask you again, my friend:

Do you dare defy YOUR rulers and steal the fire right from under their nose?

Do you have the mental strength to walk directly into the fire and know with all of your being that, when it is all said and done, you will get exactly what you wanted and more?

Do you have the constitution to brave all odds, defy all logic and step out from under the shadow of everything and everyone who’ve kept you firmly planted in the ground and shout out loud,

“You can’t stop me from doing what needs to be done to achieve my goals and you won’t stop me!”

Or do you prefer to not upset the established order and continue to leave in mediocrity?

To be sheep and, mindlessly, walking towards your end with nothing to show for it?

If you choose mediocrity …

The empty, mundane and boring existence of all of those you see mindlessly wandering around you …

That’s exactly why, when you’re gone, no one will remember who you were or what you stood for.

And that’s exactly why you’re where you are right now, and someone else is where you want to be.

Doing what you want to do. Living where you want to live. Making the money you want to make.

I’ll ask you one final time my friend,

Do you DARE: Brave the challenges of life, run through the fire, sacrifice and risk it all for a chance at immortality? Do you DARE steal fire from the gods?”


Article written by Sean Burton


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