Right Lock: redesigned to minimize contact with the wrist.

Tommy Tal |

One of the most common problems with oversized watches is that the crown’s lock digs into the skin when moving the wrist.
Customer feedback has told us that we’ve had this issue in previous models. So we decided to move the crown/lock to the left in the last generation of our Swole O’clock watches.

This certainly solved the digging problem, but something was still bothering us: the crown on the left didn't look right.
And so, When we designed our new S-Force watches, we had a decision to make: comfort (left crown) or looks (right crown)?.
An outstanding watch needs to both look great and be comfortable to wear. So it was an easy decision in the end. It was time to redesign our crown’s lock.

All of our S-Force watches come with a re-designed right lock. We removed the supporting legs we had in the previous models. Which means there’s a gap now between the lock and the wrist. This ensures wrist flexibility. We further enhanced comfort by moving from a rectangular lock with sharp edges, to a new ergonomically designed lock that’s also slightly chamfered.

We were confident that our new crown design was a major step forward but it first needed to be tested on the wrist.
Our ambassadors who received the first S-Force samples have all given us very encouraging feedback, saying that the new lock is significantly better and more comfortable.
We have overcome a tough challenge with the redesigning of this lock. But the hard work has certainly paid off! The lock now looks much better on the right, and thanks to the new design it also feels better too!


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